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Pin mặt trời
AstroPower’s AP-65

        AstroPower’s AP-65 addresses the highly popular mid-range multi-purpose power module category. Overall dimensions and mounting hole patterns are consistent with industry norms, making the AP-65 easily implemented on existing support structure designs.

·         Over 4.0 amps of battery-charging current in full sunlight.

·         Indeal for AC and DC installations up to 600 Vdc (nominal).

·         Weather resistant junction box for easy and safe field installation.

·         Dual low-loss bypass diodes for seperior protection and minimum power loss when partially shaded.

·         100% factory inspected to ensure quality and electricial performance.

·         Heavy duty anodized aluminum frame provides strength and convenient mounting access.

·         Overall dimensions and mounting hole patterm conform to industry standards.

·         Certified to IEC-61215, the gighest industry standard.

·         UL Listed.

·         20 year warranty.

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